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General Questions

Proof of Stake is replacing Proof of Work in Ethereum, also known as 'Mining'. Mining is slow, consumes a lot of energy and is unable to facilitate a large transaction throughput. In order to solve these issues, Proof of Stake was introduced. Instead of solving large mathematical puzzles in order to validate blocks of transactions, validators known as 'Stakers' place stakes to back their validation. Stakers are rewarded, like Miners are rewarded in Proof of Work, making owning a large sum of Ethereum lucrative.
First of all, there is a threshold of 1,500 ETH to start staking. Furthermore, staking requires setting up stake contracts, nodes and locking up a large amount of funds for at least 4 months. Joining a pool eliminates most of these factors.
Divisions is currently the only pool that issues a fully Ether backed and exchangeable token, eliminating the need to blindly trust a pool and minimising the withdrawal periods. Our platform is secured through smart contracts so the risk of theft or fraud is much lower. We employ numerous nodes, minimising the risk of validating invalid blocks.
Divisions charges a 10% fee of realized stake profits. There are no exchange fees or withdrawal fees, except for the gas used to execute transactions.
The DIV-token (Divisions Token) is an ERC-20 token that's fully backed by Ether and is exchangeable for an increasing amount of Ether as time progresses and stake profits are earned. A DIV token can be queued to be exchanged for it's corresponding amount of Ether, which will be executed automatically once Ether becomes available by completed stake contracts or new participants. DIV tokens may also be exchanged at third party exchanges at any given point in time.
The DIFT-token (Divisions Foundation Token) is an ERC-20 token that has voting power and earns fees generated by the Divisions pool. DIFT-tokens are currently owned by the Divisions Foundation but will be distributed to the public in the future, to decentralize the platform.






The idea for a stake pool for Ethereum was incepted by analyzing the Casper FFG paper.



The team was put together in November 2017, a combination of highly ambitious people and internal funding.


Alpha platform


The first major milestone was reached in April 2018, completing much of the general framework and contracts in roughly 6 months of research and development.

Testing & Beta platform


Testing is planned for May & June 2018. After finetuning, our code will be made public in order to allow the community to validate the framework and to check for bugs.



Going live once Casper is implemented.

Foundation token distribution


Once the platform is fully audited and operational, the Divisions Foundation Tokens will be distributed to the public, incepting a decentralized management for the long term.